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TimberRidge Sport horse 2011 RPSI Inspection a Success!
September 26, 2011

TimberRidge Sporthorses hosted the first RPSI inspection (kuering) to be held in the Rainy River district in Northwestern Ontario. TimberRidge Sport horses presented their entire Sport horse herd to RPSI inspectors, with all 14 horses passing inspection, making them eligible for entry into the RPSI Registry as a Zwiebrucker horse. 

I would like to thank Lisa Vanlenthe from Countrified Photography for all the great photos of our inspection day.  We had less than great weather but Lisa was able to capture some great photo's regardless of the rain and poor footing.  Please click here to view a photo album of the day.  Inspection day album.

TimberRige would also like to acknowlegde the great help and support we received from my family Dorothy Lloyd (my Mom), Carol Osbaldeston (my Sister)  and Morgan Osbaldeston  (my Niece).  We could never had done this day with out your help and moral support.  Thank You All.

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 2011 RPSI Verband Inspection 

TimberRidge Sporthorses is pleased to be hosting  2011 RPSI Verband  Inspection.  This is the first RSPI inspection to be held in NorthWestern Ontario.  It is scheduled for Sunday September 18, 2011 at TimberRidge Sporthorses. 

RPSI (Zweibrücker) horses receive official passport-style registration papers from Germany, as well as a Life Number and brand, and are entered into the German database of sport horses (VIT). If you have a sporthorse and you are in Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba and Northern Minnesota this is an opportunity to present your horse for inspection by qualified representatives of the German parent registry, the Pferdezuchtverband Rheinland-Pflaz-Saar E.V.

This is an excellent opportunity to review a large number of high quality young horses in one location.  If you are interested in learning more about evaluating young dressage and jumping horses, an inspection is an excellent learning opportunity, and if you are shopping for a young horse, you'll get an expert opinion in the German inspector's review.


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2011 Banderas Package arrived

June 13 was a great day at TimberRidge. It started early in the morning as Ninety Deniro "aka" Day delivered a lovely bay filly with lots of chrome!

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2010 Foals Have Arrived

June 8th was a very special day at TimberRidge. "Rutan" a handsome chestnut colt, and "Brisa" a lovely bay filly both were born on the same day!

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Prospects for Sale


Resoluut under saddle

Resoluut (2006) 

Branded RPSI          

Available For Sale -priced in the mid teens

Beautiful flat-kneed trot & points her toes!  Great free jump.  Nicely started under saddle just started over jumps under saddle.

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Tiberon (2007)

Trakehner Quarterhorse cross

Branded RPSI       

Available For Sale - Price in the low teens

He’s one Athletic boy! Nice uphill movement, with an outgoing personality.  He is sure to be noticed in the ring.  Currently being started under saddle.

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The Timberridge Advantage

Trust Trust

A strong foundation in trust is important to raising our horses. We practice trust in a way so that horse and human can perform to their full ability.We take personal responsibility for every interaction with the horse and expect the same from our horses.



Leadership Leadership

Leadership is one of our core values because of its importance in a herd. We become a leader to the herd keeping attention to body language and reaction. This translates into us understanding the dynamics of the herd and the herd being able to understand us as well.



Leadership Respect

Respect is important within any relationship. With horses you must respect who they are based on their personality and ability. We work with the horse to strengthen good traits and remove or minimize poor ones.



At Timberridge Sporthorse’s barn these are the core values implemented to raise our foals. The goal being we can secure these foals into becoming soft, supple and willing four year old equine prospects!