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1994 JC mare, 16.3hh

"Winnie" is a twelve year old Thoroughbred mare who stands 16.3 hands.  Her bloodlines read like a "who's who" of Thoroughbred breeding.

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Ninety Deniro

Ninety Dinero

2002 JC Mare, 16.2hh

At five years old "Day" stands 16.3 hands high. Personality-wise, she is an absolute sweetheart. She had a kind eye and natural dappling.

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Red Rosalyn

Red Rosalyn

1998 JC mare, 17.2hh

"Red" is a large 17.2 hands with a beautiful dappled body and a temperament to match! This big mare has a very regal stance about her and is the queen bee of the mare herd, making sure everyone falls in line.

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Skipa Chevy Nova

Skipa Chevy Nova

2000 AQHA mare, 15.2hh

"Chevy" is a seven year old Quarter Horse mare who stands 15.2 hands high.  She is linebred Skipper W and exhibits the typical body style of the Weiscamp horses.

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